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Weekly Better With Music Cafe 

The place that heals you, the place that inspires you. 


We really want to create consistent support for women and girls who often struggle with psychological consequences of violence or any other type of abuse. 


”Weekly Better With Music Cafe” – the safe place for women and girls – will be open on the 9th of January, and then every Tuesday.

A half of a day with weekly therapeutic music workshops combined with different disciplines of arts. It will be after-care for women victims of violence, with helpful booklets of information, hot drinks, soup, cakes and any general support.


Every week, we will provide music therapy group workshops as the main activity. The sessions will be filled up with different art disciplines including art therapy, drama therapy, voice work or movement therapeutic activities. They will be changing every week.

If participants want just to be with us, they do not need to be involved in any of the mentioned activities. They can just be – in our friendly and safe environment.


This is also a great moment to speak up and simply ask for help – we will be more than happy to listen to you and help you. 

Open every Thursday 2pm - 6pm at The Baker's Arms

16 Emlyn Square, Swindon Town Centre, SN1 5BN (Railway Village)

- music therapy

- art & drama

- singing & voice work

- therapeutic songwriting


free soup, cake and soft drinks included

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