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Luiza Staniec - Moir - the founder of Sounds Like Women & CO.  

She is the founder, the creative mind in SLW, never stops searching and developing new ways of using music as a platform to communicate and as the way to support and empower those who need help. 

Polish born musician, music producer, songwriter, singer, music therapist, based in SW England since 2008.

Luiza collaborates with many artists, newcomers, as well as established singers and songwriters.

Her songs were also placed in famous films and commercials.

Luiza  co-wrote a No.1 hit in the Polish Charts – the song “Zaluje” (I Regret) for Ewelina Flinta, that became the biggest hit of 2003 in Poland.

She composed and released several albums, created songs for the biggest stars in Poland. 

Thanks to Luiza’s collaboration with London based, Grammy nominated Andy Bradfield and Avril Mackintosh released her British EP 'Looking For Sound'.

In May 2016 Luiza worked as a music producer and an artist at The Real World Studios in England, the iconic Peter Gabriel’s place, recorded and released worldwide, under The Real World Studios Label a single “No Matter What You Do”.

In March 2019 Luiza released Sounds Like Women EP1 – ‘Without Violence & of all Colours’ and a few more singles from this EP.

.More about the founder on:

Why Sounds Like Women? A bit of my story... 

I was fortunate to express my feelings playing piano, singing and writing songs. It’s true self-healing process, a meditation, brings back life balance and happiness. I still do that quite often, whenever I want to say something that words can’t describe I seat to my piano and let the music play me… All songs comes like that.

So, years ago, being trapped in an abusive relationship I wanted to kill myself. But thankfully, I had a daughter, who was my main reason not to do it. Instead, like in a trance, I started writing songs, stories about my pain and struggles, letting go all the suppressed feelings and thoughts. Being a bit lucky to meet a few genuine people, later on, I released several albums and collaborated with many artists. I realised that since I was 6 (and was told by my family that I have no voice and rights to speak), then found a piano at local community centre, music found me, and ever since was my platform of communicating with the rest of the world. As well, writing songs gave me relief, hope, and power to deal with all the struggles I was going through as a single, mother living in a communist country, as a victim of domestic violence, and a woman working in music industry. Thanks to songwriting, performing I survived and stayed positive.

I am very positive that music literally saved my life and made me who I am today.

 I also met many women with similar experiences to mine and realised that I can support them with music too, just like I was able to help myself. So, against all odds, I finished Rehabilitation of Socially maladapted people at Warsaw University, and in my late thirties, I learned the technical part of music production in London at age 45, to proudly create this Community Interest Company with its mission, then international projects & music activities.

And yet, everything come together, like some elements of puzzle, it looks finally like a beautiful picture. Or, it’s like a story that’d been written long time ago for me but I had to live my life for over 50 years, learn enough to be able finally realise it and put it together… Amazing… But a bit bizarre! 

In 2020 I started my further education at West of England University in Bristol, studying Music Therapy Master. I am nearly qualified music therapist, but will never stop learning from people and music I dedicated my life to.

With Love, Luiza Staniec - Moir


Magdalena Czerwiec - Pichlinska

Co - director of Sounds Like Women

With Luiza nearly from the beginning of the mission. Dedicated to her family and everything she does, passionate and super positive! There is always a way, that's her statement. 

For years, she worked in a Polish show-business, managing pop-star Michal Wisniewski and many others. 

PR, marketing specialist, experience in several music labels, and nowadays, she looks after SLW events, managing the 'big picture' of it. 


Amanda Klapish

Mandy is great at everything she does, dedicated to community work, passionate and kind, but in SLW her main duties are: booking venues, volunteers, relationship with community leaders. 


Tracy Graham

She came to SLW over 2 years ago to take a part in free music workshops. Tracy was a victim of domestic violence in the past. 'Songwriting for Recovery', that she accomplished with Luiza completely changed her life. Just recently, we released her first single 'Better Without You'. It's been already played on the BBC radio! 

Nowadays, she has been volunteering for SLW, promoting our mission of empowering through music, which helped her to re-gain her voice quite literally. Now she empowers others sharing her story to the big public.

Her duties is mainly survivor's support, but also PR and media relation, project's promotion, and just recently, she became our ambassador


Ewa Hawrylo

She is a director of a Polish School in Swindon, very dedicated community activist and hard working woman! She also works with people with multiply disabilities. Loves spreading goodness and helping others.

In SLW she looks after the cafe, managing this important part of our monthly event 'Better with Music cafe'. 


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