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Music workshops

We provide various therapeutic music workshops like music psychotherapy, singing, songwriting, community group 'musicking', keyboard or recording and music production sessions for everyone, but prioritising women and girls.

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Better with Music Events

These monthly pop-up events were aimed to create the safe place for the whole community, where we empower disadvantaged communities through music and raising awareness about pressing issues. We also speak of locally available support and create the safe and friendly environment to meet, to be listened and to connect, or simply to relax and have fun.

We could come to your place if you wish!

Sounds Like Women releases

Foremost, we make great music, release songs and albums that save lives. Listen and support our work.

Sounds Like Women Events

We organise various events, including fundraisers to support women and girls, empower them and simply have fun together. Check what we do.

What we did in 2020 (clip 5 min)
What we've done in 2019 (5 min clip)
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