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EP 2 "Without Violence & of all Colours" new release! 

"29 Years", "How To Know", "Better Without You", "Family Secrets" and "I'm Well" – it's 5 songs on our EP2 "Without Violence & of all Colours", co-written and sung by domestic violence survivors, who decided to end the silence and talk in the most beautiful way about the very painful, personal experience. Music provides the safety of it and made it a bit easier...

The survivors hope that their stories put in these powerful songs might help them and others to come out of the darkness and enable people to understand that domestic violence is an issue that harms the whole society. It's important to know more about it and to tackle it together.

The whole EP2 and songs are available on:




You can also buy a CD of the album.

All profits go to supporting women and girls, especially those who were victims of violence .

Thank you so much!

Sounds Like Women a song – "I'm Well"
 ft. Marina Avetisian + bonus track – karaoke to sing along.

New Release: May 27/05 on YT and in our shop hard copy!

Sounds Like Women’s new single “I’m well” - a vital song for recovery, based on a story of domestic abuse survivor. 

The track on YouTube:

Our products to support communities

Sounds Like Women is not for profit Community Interest Company and all proceeds from the sale of our products & services go to the next projects with music in its core and activities, to support women's, girls, their families and communities.  

Sounds Like Women EP1 'Without Violence & of all Colours' (2019) Digital

It is 5 'radio friendly' beautiful songs, written by Luiza Staniec - Moir (the founder) inspired by her and real stories of women affected with domestic violence racial biases and inequality, giving a voice to their stories and raising awareness about the issues. 

Tracks list & international artists giving voices to the songs:

1. Ewelina Flinta (Poland) 'Tell Me Why'

2. Hannah Featherstone (France) /Seems Impossible'

3. Ceyda (Turkey) 'Alone'

4. Emae (UK) 'It's Over'

5. Nadia Sheikh (Spain) 'Speak To Me' 

Sounds Like Women 'Tell Me Why' ft. Ewelina Flinta & Survivors (special edition of the song from EP1) 

On this recording you will hear five ladies - music lovers, survivors of domestic abuse, who recorded this special version of the song in 2019, after just a few singing workshops at Luiza's studio. It is literally giving the voice back to the ladies who went through these issues. 

Sounds Like Women "Seems Impossible" 
ft. Hannah Clair

It's a third single from an EP1 'Without Violence & of all Colours' 

Sounds Like Women "Alone" ft. Ceyda 

The first ever record of Sounds Like Women, recorded in Turkey in 2018. 

Sounds Like Women "Kochana" ft. Renata Przemyk, Ewelina Flinta and 12 international artists 

It's a Polish chart hit written and originally recorded by a Polish famous singer and songwriter Renata Przemyk, but in here, performed in collaboration with Ewelina Flinta, another Polish popular singer, and 12 international singers and musicians. 

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