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Sing For Yourself #2

'And we sing till the storm passes over'. 

(Diane Austin)

Back in March, to celebrate an International Women's Day we recorded with volunteers at Swindon Hub a special version of our song 'I'm Well' - one of the tracks from Sounds Like Women EP2 - 'Without Violence & of all Colours' (2022). It's a tune, primarily performed on the EP2 by Marina Avetisian Music, who gave a voice to the story of Vickie Robertson, a survivor of domestic abuse & founder of Kaleidoscopic UK. 

Our second edition of 'Sing For Yourself' it's the last chance for those who couldn't make it in March, including Vickie, who co-wrote the original song and this time will be definitely with us! 

The special version of the song will be released in May, to celebrate mental health awareness week. (15 - 22 May)

If you don't know the song yet, you can learn in here:☺️ ⬇️

🤚Vocal warm-ups and lyrics will be provided by Luiza at the place! 

WHEN: 20/04

TIME: 12:30 - 14:30

WHERE: Wokingham Baptist church Milton Rd, Wokingham RG40 1DE


Sing For Yourself!

Simply sing for yourself! 

If you love music and singing please join us to celebrate an International Women's Day at the Swindon Hub - 8th MARCH, 1 - 3.30pm.

We will be singing and recording with everyone who pops in the song "I'M WELL" (link to lyrics and to the track below)


It's an original tune from our EP2 'Without Violence & of all Colours', based on a real story of a survivor of domestic violence and co-written by her and our founder Luiza Moir. Vickie will be with us, telling a brief of her story and recording a very special edition of the song.

Super empowering experience, with a lot of joy, fun and warmth in a heart! 

See you next week!

Sounds Like Women Sunday at The Tuppenny #3

Sounds Like Women Sunday, this time, as an open mic for all women musicians! 

Hosted by Lisa Doscher Music and Luiza Staniec .

Please do come to play or listen! It's the last chance to be a part of it, celebrating diversity and the power of music in such a unique way, in the heart of Swindon Old Town.

The Tuppenny from 4pm - 6.30pm

Free entry but seats limited!

'Summer Better with Music' workshops 

1. Do you have songs you go back to?

2. Do you like singing?

3. Would you like to play instruments you've never tried before?

4. Would you like to write an original song with a group of super friendly and passionate music lovers?

5. Would you like to feel a bit happier this summer?

If you answered 'YES' to minimum 3 of those questions try this:

Sign for 6 sessions of singing/songwriting music workshops called 'Summer Better with Music', facilitated by Luiza Moir, the founder of SLW, singer, songwriter, music producer, sound therapist and Music Therapy MA trainee.

When - Tuesdays: 

July: 19th, 26th, 

August: 2nd, 9th, 23rd, 30th at the Liddington Village Hall (meting room).

Limited - 10 spaces available for a groups enthusiasts in the mornings and 10 in the afternoons.

Groups - mornings 10.30am to 11.45am and afternoon 4.30pm to 5.45pm.

1-2-1- sessions opportunity slots - midday 12 to 1pm and afternoon 6pm - 7pm.

Everyone welcome!

To book your space and for more information:

phone: 07541956179

Address of the venue: Liddington, Swindon SN4 0HB

(a bus stop near by)

Only this Summer fees:

Groups attendance - £5 drop in, or all 6 sessions payed in advance - £25.

Individual session (1-2-1) - £25 or 6 sessions payed in advance - £140

Sounds Like Women Sunday at the Tuppenny #2

"Sounds Like Women Sunday", a regular event to support the work they do with women of all ages and to question why female musicians, songwriters or music producers have always been under-represented and suffered prejudice and a lack of support.

Several times a year SLW will present three different female acts in a celebration of the power of music and diversity and to support women & girls.

As founder Luiza Staniec-Moir has stated; "I think that music is the reason why a lot of us are still here, isn't it?"

This editions brilliant line up features Emae, Marina Avetisian and your host, Luiza Staniec-Moir.

So come along for some amazing music and to learn more about the SLW mission and their support for women and girls.

Everyone welcome!

Entry Free, but please give generously to the artists tip-jar.

Sounds Like Ukraine

Do what you can. We do music. 

This Sunday, we organise 'Sounds Like Ukraine' - concert with international musicians, music lovers and plenty good people who will fundraise for a charity Polska Akcja Humanitarna (PAH) - directly helping people fleeing from the war zone at the Polish/Ukrainian border. 

☕️Live music, cakes, teas, coffee, books and warm atmosphere at the Swindon Central Library in Swindon. Start 3rd April at 2pm.

Please come and do what you can.


Sounds Like Women Sunday at The Tuppenny

I think that music it's the reason why a lot of us are still here, isn't it?

From February, artists collaborating with SLW will play a gig every 3 months to celebrate female musicians, the power of music and diversity at The Tuppenny in Swindon Old Town.

Be ready for 4 gigs in there, 10 different female acts and a lot of support for women who make music.

The first gig - 20/02 at 19:30. Come along to hear brilliant women's acts.

February lineup - Harmony Asia Barbara Bartz and Luiza Staniec

We will also speak of SLW mission and our support for women and girls.


Sounds Like Women Community Day 2021!

It's a fund-raising music - wellbeing event, where all proceeds go to support All Saint's Church in Liddington and women & girls through ongoing Sounds Like Women activities such as music/songwriting for recovery workshops, SLW Community Cafe - the safe place for women & girls and live community events.

It's happening on the 25th September, CHURCH OF ALL SAINTS & Liddington village hall with outdoors, CHURCH ROAD, SN4 0HB. That day will be plenty coffee, teas, cakes, homemade food, live music from international artists, local musicians & music lovers, Yoga, Drum Circle, Art for wellbeing, herbs for wellbeing, feel good singing workshop, Music Corner for children, table top sale & local producers, inspirational guests.


Supported by Sounds Like Women C.I.C.

All Saint's Church in Liddington

Swindon Domestic Abuse Support Services

It's good to finally plan some future!

It's such a good feeling to be able to make some plan at last, after 16 months of uncertainty and numerous cancellations! 

We are so happy to announce our activities we planning for you. Hopefully, there will be something for everyone. If any of it ring your bell just come and join us!

We can't wait to see you!

Stay safe and for more information write to us:

'Kochana' - Sounds Like Women, Renata Przemyk, Ewelina Flinta & 10 międzynarodowych artystek


Events you shouldn't miss in the upcoming weeks.




(London time)

Music for Community Wellbeing #3

SLW FB page/online

With musicians: Luiza Staniec-Moir, Melissa James & Monika Bulanda




(London time)

Music for Community Wellbeing #4

SLW FB page/online

With musicians: Luiza Staniec - Moir, Emae, Psibindi




(London time)

Music for Community Wellbeing #5

SLW FB page/online



12:00 - 16:30 open

Sounds Like Women Community Cafe opening

Hinton Parva Village Hall SN4 0DH Swindon UK




(London Time)

Sounds Like Women Community Cafe #1. (online Facebook page)

Streamed live on-line on Facebook page go on:




(London Time)

Sounds Like Women Community Cafe #2. (online Facebook page)

Streamed live on-line on Facebook page go on:




(London Time)

Sounds Like Women Community Cafe #3. (online Facebook page)

Streamed live on-line on Facebook page go on:




(London Time)

Sounds Like Women Community Cafe #4. (online Facebook page)

Streamed live on-line on Facebook page go on:

Sounds Like Women Community Cafe

In England we are lockdown again so, Sounds like Women Community Cafe that was going to happen 5/12 will be happening online this year every Friday! 

How? This Friday (13th) and the next 4 Fridays, LIVE streamed on FB& Instagram, at 6pm (London time), from our studio in England, temporarily adopted for Cafe, all the things you love about a cafe - interesting, relaxing & empowering talk about things that matters to us, live music & coffee, teas, cake, of course! See you for the first SLWCC in Friday at 6pm live! Details coming later this week!

Sounds Like Women Community Day

For centuries, even in the darkest hours communities gathered around music to empower, reunite and enjoy the moment together.

In this difficult time of Covid19, following all the safety measures we want to bring our community together. We want to inspire and empower people through music and its related activities, which is the main mission of our project. Just to be able to bring back safe engagement, joy and support especially, to the most vulnerable during the pandemic we are excited to announce the first Sounds Like Women Community Day. This event will be happening online on the 12th of September from the garden of Sound Like Women headquarter in Hinton Parva, between 12:00 and 19:00. Due to current local outbreaks of Covid-19 we will stream the event online to keep you all safe.

•For all day, we will showcase local art and enjoy live music from Sounds Like Women international artists, local musicians & music lovers.

•There will be sale of products from ‘Homemade by Women’ – our new, inspiring initiative. It will coincide with the launch of our new online shop with products made with passion and love by women mainly as a part of their hobby or small businesses.

Inspiring is empowering…

•We will be also honoured by special & inspirational guests – Emma Rawlings – chief executive of Swindon Domestic Abuse Support Services and Graham Harris – an inventor, businessman and writer of a book ‘Bullied Back to Life’.

•We also organise an auction and raffle to raise funds for Swindon Domestic Abuse Support Services, our musical workshops for women and next community live events.

Supported by:

The Benefice of Lyddington & Wanborough, with Bishopstone & Hinton Parva,

Swindon Domestic Abuse Support Services | #soundslikewomen |

*Proceeds from the event will go to Swindon Domestic Abuse Support Services & ongoing Sounds Like Women activities.

Music For Life - live from home 6 hours musical challenge #3

The aim of this fundraiser challenge is to raise monies to support empowering musical workshops & music therapy sessions for women & girls who have been affected by the issues. The activities will take a place in their local communities (and) or online. Also, we will support our female artists, who genially giving their best helping others.

When words fail, music speaks...

The challenge involved singing and playing music for the 6 hours, featuring original tunes and some covers of well-known songs by international female artists, who collaborates with the project.

We had a very special guest who performed from her home in Bahrein - platinum selling

singer/songwriter Sandi Thom

This time was all about the power of music - how music could

improve our lives - about the positive effect of musical activities on

our wellbeing, mental and physical health. We also spoke with music & art therapist Paola Esperson, as well as listened some tunes and

heart-warming stories from domestic abuse survivors who loves & makes music and who have collaborated with our project already.

Inspiring is empowering...

The event was streamed live on Sounds Like Women Facebook fan page the 31st of May between 1pm and 7pm.

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Watch a short video summary 

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