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Better With Music Cafe Pop-up

A safe and joyful place for the whole community.

Better With Music Cafe was designed to empower through playing music together, kindness and raise awareness about pressing issues like domestic violence or inequality. We also speak about locally available support and create a safe, friendly environment to meet, to be listened, to connect throughout music, or simply relax and have fun.

Now we can organize this event wherever the need is! Just contact us via e-mail ( or simply give us call (+44 1793 790265) and let's discuss all the details.

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What is on the schedule? 

• The Cafe is always full of live music.

  • Participants can enjoy our refreshments and homemade food.

• There is also a small area of top-table sales with second-hand goods.

  • We provide Music Corner for Children with different instruments to try on.

  • There are community music workshops, at the site, run by music therapists. 

  • We provide an open mic for all who love music.

A few pics from our events

What our customers already noticed and said?

“Music never stops, connecting people from different cultures, backgrounds, it feels like the whole world is in a perfect harmony eating cakes, soup, playing music and drinking tea."


BWM Cafe news

If you want to find out more about the previous Cafe's editions, click the button below.

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