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Luiza Staniec - Moir 

- is the founder of Sounds Like Women, singer, songwriter, music producer, recording artist, philanthropist, sound therapy practitioner. 

Luiza, born in Poland, moved to the UK in 2008 and currently based in SW

England. An artist, songwriter and music producer, she has been making music

for more than 25 years collaborating with many artists, newcomers, as well as

established singers and songwriters. Luiza has had her songs placed in films,

commercials, produced music and toured with the biggest artists in Poland.

She composed & has released several albums, and wrote a No.1 hit in the Polish


Luiza graduated from the Music School of Singers in Poznan (Poland), making

a huge impression on the Polish music scene, fronting the all-female band, Matka

(Mother), as the lead vocalist, pianist and composer/producer. After that she has

collaborated as a songwriter and lyricist with some of Poland’s best-loved artists,

including Michał Wisniewski and for Ewelina Flinta she wrote the song “Zaluje"

(I Regret) that soon became the biggest hit of 2003 in Poland!

As well, Luiza worked with the alternative-rock band, Telewizor, co-producing

their album, composing and writing most of their songs – “Sowy i Cmy” (Owls and

Moths), which enjoyed massive critical acclaim from the music press. This

opened the doors to Luiza composing for TV and movie soundtracks, most

notably “Magda M”, (extremely popular Polish serial), where her two songs

“Plyne, Gine”, (Swimming, Drowning) & “Posklejam” (Put it together), was enjoyed

by hedge viewing audiences.

By 2007 Luiza and her musical trio were finalists in the prestigious Vena

International Music Festival, and with her song “Where Have You Been” she have

reached third place. This song soon was featured on the album “JaToJa” (I Am

Me), a fantastic feminine album, exuding the warmth of Luiza’s voice and the

tranquillity of her Wurlitzer.

In 2008 she has moved to Scotland where started a new chapter of her life,

collaborating with Scottish artist and songwriter Gavin Sutherland (Sutherland

Brothers & Quivers), and later with London based music producers Andy Bradfield

and Avril Mackintosh who have worked with the biggest names in the music

business, such as Everything But the Girl, Tori Amos, Alanis Morissette, Tom

Jones and Susan Boyle. In late October 2012, as the result of great collaboration

with London based, Grammy nominated Andy Bradfield and Avril Mackintosh,

Luiza released her EP worldwide called “Looking For Sound”.

After that Luiza started working mainly for other artists, writing and producing

their albums. As the result of it, Polish superstar, pop diva Zdzislawa Sosnicka

released an album “Tancz, chocby plonal swiat” (Dance, Even The World Is On

Fire), credited 4 songs written by Luiza.

During May 2016 Luiza worked as a music producer and an artist at The Real

World Studios in England, the iconic Peter Gabriel's place, recorded and released

worldwide, under The Real World Studios Label a single “No Matter What You Do”.

Then another Luiza’s dream came true, when an iconic Polish artist Grazyna

Lobaszewska released her new album “Sklejam Sie” (Getting Myself Together),

including 4 of Luiza’s songs. It’s been quite big sensation, even before release.

In 2019 Luiza released with Sounds Like Women an EP1 'Without Violence & of all Colours'.

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